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(SOCIAL) Learning From TV Social Media

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(SOCIAL) Learning From TV Social Media
It has been noticed that most of the radio stations employ concentration on contesting. Do they really offer the Fm enjoyment to their listeners? What they are doing to attract the markets? What we need to learn from Televisions and their social media development for the promotion of our brands?

To improve branding, TV stations have expediently exploited the social media. They use different techniques to meet with their pre-set objectives. No doubt, most of the TV stations are using different products – in visual form – to maintain their ranking. Besides, they used to come up with different stories which do not only incite members of certain face book page but also give them enough feedback to understand the public opinion. But, most of the social media Gurus opine that “the crispy posts of TV stations on social media are posted under the pretext of keeping the members engaged in the discussion”.

It goes without saying that social media is really helping TV stations to discuss the local issues pertaining to local audience. Its visual and photographic compatibility is grossly supporting TV stations to convey their messages. This feature is used to engage audience in the process of giving the feedback. It is the reason that most of the posts of TV stations are in question form.

No doubt, radio is not less visual than the Televisions. It can attract more people compared to other mediums of media. Radio is a hot medium and supposed to be having bigger audience. But, the significant importance of social media is undeniable. It is the reason that most of the time I ask radio runners, do you have social media strategy to engage people? Do you use content strategy to improve your ranking? Today, there is no better way than the social media to market your product.

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Audio Bloopers

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Audio Bloopers
Here is the list of audio bloopers with some details:
1. The Firestone Tyre Factory Blooper (50 seconds – 685)
This is the most famous blooper of Warwick Rankin who reports on fire at the Firestone Tyre Factory.

2. A History of Rings (4 minutes, 6 seconds – 3.3 MB)
This is very funny blooper indeed. Actually, Bob Moore is trying to read commercial for jeweler. It was recorded in 1978 at radio station 2CH in Sydney, Australia.
Note: This sound track contains inappropriate language.

3. Macquarie News, with laughter  (1 minute, 2 seonds – 859 kB)
Newsreader is laughing while reading the news.

4. Orson Welles Findus Recording Session (4 minutes, 13 seconds – 3.4 MB) Listen what happened with Orson Welles during the course of Findus recording session.

5. 2SM – KISS Concert Report (8 minutes – 6.4 MB)
This is the original recording of a Melbourne kiss concert celebrated in 1980.
Note: This recording contains inappropriate language.

6. 2SM 1980 Blooper Reel (25 minutes, 40 seconds – 11.9 MB)
This is the compilation of blooper Reel. It contains historic bloopers from 1980 of 2SM and many other radio stations.
Note: This soundtrack contains inappropriate language.

The following bloopers are the highlights of the above 2SM 1980 Blooper Reel.
Australasian Post – Yvonne and Yvette (4 minutes, 1 second – 3.2 MB)
Riding Roughshod (1 minute, 14 seconds – 1 MB)
Aluminium (11 seconds – 160 kB)
Shalamanov (2 minutes, 7 seconds – 1.7 MB)

Radio Bloopers, Outtakes and Embarrassments

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Radio Bloopers, Outtakes and Embarrassments
Radio bloopers are supposed to be a source of embarrassment for many news readers. Actually, bloopers are the funny moments occurring during the time of recoding.  These bloopers show you how most of the DJs make mistakes during their recording sessions.  No doubt, outtakes and radio bloopers have been around since the commencement of transmitter and microphones.

The following list of bloopers contains the funny moments of radio broadcasting. Remember, most of the bloopers have inappropriate language not suitable for the families. Hence, play them at your own risk. But, it must not be forgotten that these bloopers are really funny. If you are looking to hear funny and uncut parts of the newsreaders recording then click on the audio bloopers tracks given below:

Listen to Part 1 1:07 – (RealAudio required.)
Listen to Part 2 1:19 – (RealAudio required.)
Listen to Part 3 1:04 – (RealAudio required.)
Listen to Part 4 1:04 – (RealAudio required.)
Listen to Part 1 1:07 – (RealAudio required.)
Listen to Part 2 1:19 – (RealAudio required.)
Listen to Part 3 1:04 – (RealAudio required.)
Listen to Part 4 1:04 – (RealAudio required.)

For more bloopers visit the following sites:
Radio Bloopers, Screwups, Outtakes and Embarassments
Radio Bloopers, Screwups, Outtakes and Embarassments – Series 2

Best Radio Stations Ever

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Best Radio Stations Ever
We have made a list of best radio stations ever. If you do not agree with our list either you need to comment or leave us feedback about the ranking. Although, we have ranked all radio stations according to best set of standards.

Here goes the list of best radio stations ever:
1. KROQ-FM – Los Angeles
2. 107.3 The Eagle – Tampa, FL
3. 97 Country – Lakeland, FL
4. Q105 – Tampa, FL
5. US 103.5 – Tampa, FL
6. 99.5 WQYK – Tampa, FL
7. K92.3 – Orlando, FL
8. 8Y100 – Miami
9. WXRT-FM – Chicago
10. 105.9 Sunny FM – Orlando, FL
11. WNEW-FM – New York
12. Radio 1 – United Kingdom
13. 98.7 The Gater – West Palm Beach, FL
14. WABX-FM – Detroit
15. Wave 92.7 – Vero Beach, FL
16. KMET-FM – Los Angeles
17. WMMS-FM – Cleveland
18. 100.7 The New River – North Carolina
19. KMPX-FM – San Francisco
20. Ukhozi FM – South Africa
21. 103.1 WIRK – West Palm Beach, FL
22. KSAN-FM – San Francisco
23. KISS-FM 106.1 – Seattle, WA
24. Cool FM – United Kingdom
25. WMMR-FM – Philadelphia
26. Y108 ROCKS – Hamilton, ON
27. CKLW-FM – Windsor, Ont
28. KEXP-FM – Seattle, Wa
29. WCFL-AM – Chicago
30. Capital – United Kingdom

Michael Jackson’s 10 Best Songs Radio Forgot

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Michael Jackson’s 10 Best Songs Radio Forgot
Five years ago, the most famous dancer turned singer – Michael Jackson- had died. He was without an iota of doubt the great dancer in the world history. When he died at the age of 50, a big number of people had started invading the internet through search engines. Everyone was searching his name in Google. It was appearing as Wikipedia and other sites would be crashed because the amount of traffic was too high.

Today, after the passage of many years, radio is the only medium that was supposed to remind him through his outstanding sound tracks. But, there were many songs which had been forgotten by radio programmers. Today, we have come up with Michael Jackson’s 10 Best Songs Radio Forgot.

Here goes the list:

1. “Maybe Tomorrow” (ALBUM: The Jackson 5′s Maybe Tomorrow 1971)

2. “I Wanna Be Where You Are” (ALBUM: Got To Be There 1972)

3. “She’s Out Of My Life” (ALBUM: Off The Wall 1979)

4. Can You Feel It” (ALBUM: The Jacksons’ Triumph 1980)

5. “Say Say Say” (Paul McCartney feat. Michael Jackson, ALBUM: McCartney’s Pipes Of Peace 1983)

6. “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” (ALBUM: Bad 1987)

7. “In The Closet” (ALBUM: Dangerous 1991)

8. “Who Is It” (ALBUM: Dangerous 1991)

9. “Will You Be There” (ALBUM: Dangerous 1991)

10. “They Don’t Care About Us” (ALBUM: History: Past, Present and Future, Book 1995)