(SOCIAL) Learning From TV Social Media

(SOCIAL) Learning From TV Social Media

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(SOCIAL) Learning From TV Social Media
It has been noticed that most of the radio stations employ concentration on contesting. Do they really offer the Fm enjoyment to their listeners? What they are doing to attract the markets? What we need to learn from Televisions and their social media development for the promotion of our brands?

To improve branding, TV stations have expediently exploited the social media. They use different techniques to meet with their pre-set objectives. No doubt, most of the TV stations are using different products – in visual form – to maintain their ranking. Besides, they used to come up with different stories which do not only incite members of certain face book page but also give them enough feedback to understand the public opinion. But, most of the social media Gurus opine that “the crispy posts of TV stations on social media are posted under the pretext of keeping the members engaged in the discussion”.

It goes without saying that social media is really helping TV stations to discuss the local issues pertaining to local audience. Its visual and photographic compatibility is grossly supporting TV stations to convey their messages. This feature is used to engage audience in the process of giving the feedback. It is the reason that most of the posts of TV stations are in question form.

No doubt, radio is not less visual than the Televisions. It can attract more people compared to other mediums of media. Radio is a hot medium and supposed to be having bigger audience. But, the significant importance of social media is undeniable. It is the reason that most of the time I ask radio runners, do you have social media strategy to engage people? Do you use content strategy to improve your ranking? Today, there is no better way than the social media to market your product.

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