Audio Bloopers

Audio Bloopers

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Audio Bloopers
Here is the list of audio bloopers with some details:
1. The Firestone Tyre Factory Blooper (50 seconds – 685)
This is the most famous blooper of Warwick Rankin who reports on fire at the Firestone Tyre Factory.

2. A History of Rings (4 minutes, 6 seconds – 3.3 MB)
This is very funny blooper indeed. Actually, Bob Moore is trying to read commercial for jeweler. It was recorded in 1978 at radio station 2CH in Sydney, Australia.
Note: This sound track contains inappropriate language.

3. Macquarie News, with laughter  (1 minute, 2 seonds – 859 kB)
Newsreader is laughing while reading the news.

4. Orson Welles Findus Recording Session (4 minutes, 13 seconds – 3.4 MB) Listen what happened with Orson Welles during the course of Findus recording session.

5. 2SM – KISS Concert Report (8 minutes – 6.4 MB)
This is the original recording of a Melbourne kiss concert celebrated in 1980.
Note: This recording contains inappropriate language.

6. 2SM 1980 Blooper Reel (25 minutes, 40 seconds – 11.9 MB)
This is the compilation of blooper Reel. It contains historic bloopers from 1980 of 2SM and many other radio stations.
Note: This soundtrack contains inappropriate language.

The following bloopers are the highlights of the above 2SM 1980 Blooper Reel.
Australasian Post – Yvonne and Yvette (4 minutes, 1 second – 3.2 MB)
Riding Roughshod (1 minute, 14 seconds – 1 MB)
Aluminium (11 seconds – 160 kB)
Shalamanov (2 minutes, 7 seconds – 1.7 MB)

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