5186105_20140428_8990691As many people already know, the number of people that listen to the radio has decreased.  People have started utilizing other sources to stream and listen to music, such as Pandora, iTunes, etc. My name is John Ramirez and I love entertainment and radio! I designed this website to help others develop a passion for radio.  I have interned and worked for radio stations across the U.S., and I’ve seen all of the hard work that is required to run a successful radio station, especially when it comes to preparation that’s happening behind the scenes.  Some radio stations are more serious in nature than others! For example, some radio shows run stories about politics, where viewers call in to participate in heated discussions about issues, beliefs, etc.  However, other stations share stories about peoples’ personal lives or situations that might be based on marriage, a boyfriend/girlfriend cheating, friendships, etc.  My blog helps you discover great radio stations and stories, and I hope to increase your interest in radio! Follow my website to learn about leading radio stations across the nation, and perhaps in your area.  Refer your friends and family to my website for updates on trending radio stories that you guys will not want to miss! I constantly find myself listening to new radio shows and I’ve learned a lot of fascinating things over the years, which I’m proud to say has made me the man that I am today.  You should listen to radio shows and stories when you’re commuting to and from work, working out at the gym, or on a road trip with your friends.  You can learn a lot from listening to the radio; you may even hear information that leads to life-changing decisions, happiness, and a brighter future than you ever imagined.