Wondering If You Need a Lawyer for Help? Here Are 9 Instances You’ll Want a Lawyer – Dan Park Law Group

Wondering If You Need a Lawyer for Help? Here Are 9 Instances You’ll Want a Lawyer – Dan Park Law Group

A person under the influence of alcohol or other substances. It is based on your state of residence it is possible for this offense to take on different names, for example, operating under the influence, OUI or driving while under the influence or DUI, and driving while impaired or DWI. If you are convicted of a DUI, it is a DUI is an extremely serious offense and could mean serving jail time as well as paying large fines and even losing your driver’s licence.

An DUI conviction on the first occasion is usually considered a misdemeanor in many states. But, it could be made a felony under some circumstances. The help of a DUI lawyer is the best means to ensure your rights in the event that you’re faced with DUI charges. A DUI attorney will go over the case with you and help with understanding the consequences. Legal counsel can help to navigate the legal maze as well as protect your rights.

There are a variety of factors that influence the punishments you are facing when convicted of DUI offences, such as the number of DUI convictions in your past and blood alcohol content (BAC) outcomes, and the location you were arrested. Anyone who is who is charged with a DUI first offense typically receives lower penalties than someone who faces a different or more serious DUI convictions. Be aware that even an DUI conviction in the first instance could result in significant fines, as well as driver’s license suspension.

3. Rental Disputes

Tenant disputes may be a problem for landlords and tenants. If you’re a tenant, having to deal with rental disputes can be one of the most complicated and difficult issues you’ll find yourself dealing with. If you’re facing a rent disagreement, be sure you have access to reliable landlord tenant attorneys.

The issue of rental disputes is a confusing and frustrating experience for both tenants and landlords. It’s difficult to be aware of the various laws and regulations for renting. It is possible to overlook or not understand a law, even if you believe you know all of them.


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