Why Some Tornadoes Go Undetected – Entertainment Videos

Why Some Tornadoes Go Undetected – Entertainment Videos

It’s true. Imagine what it’s when you are caught in a tornado, without prior warning. When you first realize that a storm is coming towards you and it’s already ripping apart your roof. The unexpected tornadoes can be dangerous. If your worst nightmare is requiring a roofer to repair your roof, you will be very happy. In this video, you will learn more about the undetectable nature of tornadoes.

The primary method by which tornadoes can be recognized is by Doppler radar. Doppler radar works by shooting invisible lasers at storms to detect for reflectance from items like rain or hail. The storms can be seen clearly through radar. However, they can’t detect tornadoes, which are like pillars of wind. Instead, they identify hooks and speed couplets on radars that show which direction a tornado may be. When it comes to large tornadoes it is extremely effective. These indicators might be difficult to spot in smaller tornadoes. When a cold front is in the air, strong storms along a line might produce QLCS tornadoes. Small tornadoes can go unnoticed by radars and cause destruction to unsuspecting towns.


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