Why Police Cams are Being Debated – Technology Magazine

Why Police Cams are Being Debated – Technology Magazine

The law requires officers to use body cameras.

The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), in the course of a large study, has found no statistically significant difference between civil complaints and instances of force.
On cell phones footage of a vast number of incidents where officers seem to inexplicably hurt or even kill innocent civilians, causing anger across the nation and leaving us wondering what more abuses cameras may have missed. People aren’t willing to accept the police’s word for it that force was required in violent situations which is why this loss of trust makes it difficult for police to complete their work. Residents and lawmakers have demanded that officers use body-worn cameras to capture all civil conversations. It is believed that this technology will help in the process of cultural reform as well as increase the accountability of officers. Unfortunately, the evidence so far has not been clear. gr9p2xwvpj.

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