What Does a Holistic Dentist Do? – Dental Hygiene Association

What Does a Holistic Dentist Do? – Dental Hygiene Association

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Concentrate On the Whole Body

Holistic dentists, in contrast to general dentists, are able to use treatments that heal teeth and promote the general health of their patients. Therefore, they will employ herbal solutions to wash their teeth. An holistic dentist doesn’t employ silver for filling teeth damaged due to its toxic nature.


A holistic dentist avoids the practice of surgical procedures that are invasive on their patients. They may recommend or provide supplements to treat teeth. Some general dentists prefer surgery for the teeth of their patients.


Holistic dentists prefer natural treatments over mainstream ones to treat their patients. The holistic dentist can help patients understand the effect of herbal products in their own health. A holistic dentist listens to them and build relationships with the patients. They’ll then recommend the products to promote overall health.

Patient Relationship

The holistic dentist creates an ongoing relationship with the patient through time. The holistic dentist can also treat teeth and advise patients on their spiritual and diet. They require constant monitoring for good health. ifw3djkjdr.

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