Was Family Cheated Out of WCAR Stake?

Was Family Cheated Out of WCAR Stake?

On The AirWas Family Cheated Out of WCAR Stake?
Rago and Jadranka Mihajlovski a couple of Detroit said that they had invested almost $1 million in sports station WCAR-FM. The couple said to media reporters that initially they had invested $0.5 million under the pretext of 10 percent stake. Later on, they invested another $0.5 million under the deal of 15 percent interest. They opined that the deal had been done with Sima Birach Jr., on behalf of Birach Holdings.

A legal document claims that the father of Birach has not delegated him any right to sell WCAR. It is mentioned in the document that “the father of Birach has leased WCAR-FM to his son under $1 a year and he has only right to sell the commercial time”.

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