Tips for Running a Successful Board Meeting

Tips for Running a Successful Board Meeting

A successful board meeting, whether in person or via the internet requires careful planning and focus. It’s important to create a space that fosters healthy debate and ingenuity.

The board chair (typically the president or community association manager) should be the one to preside over the board meetings. Each board member should have the opportunity to express their opinion, to ask questions, or to raise concerns. Then, vote on the issue. This will prevent confusion down the road regarding what was discussed, voted upon and then ratified by the boardroom.

Be clear about the goal of each item

Include a brief description of the purpose behind each item on the agenda. This helps avoid confusing discussions or wasting time. It’s useful to check the box at the bottom of each item to determine if it’s intended to educate, to search for information, or to come to a conclusion.

Don’t make a hasty decision

Many boards feel they need to make a decision quickly to ease the pain of homeowners who are upset or to keep from dragging out a problem which could resolve itself. This only causes your board and the community to be pushed back. Additionally, rushed decisions are often not executed well and often lack the needed expertise of experts.

Evaluate Your Meetings at Least every year

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