This New Minecraft Mod Adds Ducks! – Boston Equator

This New Minecraft Mod Adds Ducks! – Boston Equator

Minecraft’s greatest asset is its potential to grow. Update 1.19 is almost here and will bring the frogs and swamps in Minecraft. But, if you’re running Java Minecraft, you don’t have to start there. Minecraft keeps getting updated due to mod developers. You just need a dedicated modded Minecraft servers hosting. This video will highlight some of the latest Minecraft mods.

The initial mod that is shown on the screen is simply called Duckling. It introduces two kinds of ducks. These are Mallard Duck and White Duck. They are found in rivers and biomes, that are certain to light up your world. It is now possible to have ducks to be your frog’s companions. But, there’s another secret mob well. This mysterious mob is also situated in the swamps. The Quackling is a big yellow duck. Because of its box-shaped body it may seem intimidating initially. However, the player can in fact right-click to trade with the Quackling like they would with villagers. Learn more about this in the video.


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