Things You Need to Know About Getting Braces – American Dental Care

Things You Need to Know About Getting Braces – American Dental Care

All you have to do is learn about braces.

The first thing to note is that braces aren’t complicated. There are some who find it difficult to relax. Retractors for the cheeks can make you feel a bit uncomfortable. To help make the experience more pleasant make sure you apply chapstick ahead of time to stop their lips from getting dry. The cheek retractor may also be uncomfortable. As your lips aren’t been used to closing the brackets which extend your teeth a bit, this is normal. With a little time, this will not be an issue. Another thing to know is that braces may create irritation to your lips or around your mouth. In particular, the braces may catch on your cheek, which can cause the cheek to be cut. So, it is recommended to purchase some wax balls to place on your braces. You can also purchase topically numbing gels that treat the cuts. Also, you can expect discomfort to your teeth over the course of a couple of hours following every set of adjustments. Tylenol may be used to reduce this discomfort. Also, you should eat prior to your appointment as it can cause pain for several hours afterwards.


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