Sweden the Perfect Romantic Holiday Getaway

Sweden the Perfect Romantic Holiday Getaway

saunaspaMost people think of warm, tropical trips when planning a wintertime vacation get-away, but that shouldn’t be the only option. Especially for those that love Christmas and the spirit of the holiday season, Sweden offers a variety of related activities and might be just the unique adventure you’ve been looking for, according to the women’s lifestyle information source MarieClaire.co.uk.

Specifically Stockholm, the country’s capital, is given as the place to be in a country that might love Christmas just as much as many Americans do. One of the biggest and most obvious attractions for this time of year is the 130-foot tall Christmas tree that’s set up on the Skeppsbron waterfront. The enormous tree features 5,000 lights and almost all of the surrounding residences keep Advent candles in their windows to compliment the harmonious environment.

Another nice perk of spending some time in the winter in Stockholm is the amount of snow they typically get. Certainly anything is possible when it comes to weather, but usually they get little, if any snow and the temperature tends to sit right on the cusp of cold, but before unbearably freezing. In other words, it’s great winter coat, boots, and snuggling weather but not a trip to the Arctic.

Marie Claire also recommends checking into The Grand Hotel Stockholm if you’re planning a trip to the city. Not only is it ideally located on the waterfront, but it features 300 classy, sophisticated rooms at relatively affordable prices. According to the hotel’s site, the going rate for their premier “Lap of Luxury” package, for a weekend stay for two was about $228 a night at the time of this writing.

The Spegelsalen (Hall of Mirrors), a glittering ballroom from 1899, and the VintertrÀdgÄrden (Winter Garden) are some of the truly unique aspects to check out during the stay.

The hot tub and spa are also a favorite of frequent visitors. Their Nordic Spa with a subterranean pool is one of the cooler amenities you’ll find in a hotel and can help improve your longevity. One 20-year study of men from Finland, another Scandinavian country, found that frequent sauna baths may help you live longer.

With great places to eat both in the hotel and in the city itself, a variety of handcrafted goods, and trendy vendors throughout you’ll have enough to do/see while you’re there and even the opportunity to get some Christmas gifts for loved ones back home.

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