Stone Mason Tips and Tricks – Discovery Videos

Stone Mason Tips and Tricks – Discovery Videos

n who cuts the, prepares and constructs stones for walls and buildings. There are numerous tricks to getting the most out of the perfect stone. The YouTube video “Wall building advice from stonemason Michael Fearnhead,” gives an overview of some useful stone mason’s tips and tricks.

When you build a wall made of stones, ensure you always set your large stones on the bottom or as far from the center of the wall as it is possible. Make sure to fill in every gap and place your stones in. Make use of a through stone in order for securing the walls. Through stone refers to a stone whose longest dimension is perpendicular to the wall’s surface and whose width is the same as the thickness of the wall.

To prevent the wall from shifting and causing damage, install a corp. Try to cross every joint and make sure your stones are in alignment. The stones should remain aligned and solid. It must not shake. You can use small hammers in order to change your stones to the proper size. A piece of string would aid in guiding you. You should are carrying the string.


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