Slippery Roads in Several States Causing Major Property Damage and Fatalities

Slippery Roads in Several States Causing Major Property Damage and Fatalities

The mild start to winter may have given some drivers false hope, but the harsh reality of snowy road conditions is beginning to set in for millions of Americans.

According to local Washington news affiliate KXLY, several car accidents ranging from minor to severe occurred in Spokane, WA in just one morning as the city got its first coat of winter snow.

“We’re received probably about 10 to 15 crashes this morning,” said Officer Jordan Ferguson of the Spokane Police Department.

One of the more serious accidents on the morning of Jan. 16 resulted in a driver crashing her truck into Taste of India, a popular local restaurant.

Ferguson noted that many people drive recklessly as it is, and combining these bad habits with the wintry conditions is a recipe for disaster.

“People spend enough time doing things they shouldn’t when they’re driving,” Ferguson added. “And then you add conditions like this…it makes it even worse.”

Approximately 33% of all fatal and serious traffic crashes are due (at least in part) to poor road conditions, and death rates typically peak when winter reaches its climax. Spokane residents were lucky that no one died in these early morning crashes, but one Michigan man was not so fortunate.

CBS Detroit is reporting that a 26-year-old man from Ely Township, MI died on Monday after he tried to pass a semi-truck on a snowy roadway, colliding with another vehicle. The two people in the other vehicle involved were injured but escaped with their lives.

Fatal accidents like the one in Michigan are commonplace during winter, and experts are constantly trying to spread awareness of what to do when driving in the snow.

According to Digital Trends, there are several things that drivers can do to reduce their chances of being involved in a winter crash. Among these tips and tricks are: fitting a car with with winter tires, driving slower, and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles.

Officer Ferguson also had some words of wisdom for drivers who feel as if they are immune to icy road conditions.

“Take your time getting some place and leave earlier than you normally would,” Ferguson advised.

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