Should You Buy Aftermarket Car Parts? – Car Talk Podcast

Should You Buy Aftermarket Car Parts? – Car Talk Podcast

You may want to do some modifications to your vehicle in order in order to increase its efficiency or repair it. If you’re not certain what to buy, OEM or aftermarket parts you should think about. In this instructional video, you will learn what the differences between the two types of car parts is and which one is best to complete your car.

OEM is the term used to describe Original Equipment Manufacturer. The car parts you purchase are manufactured by the exact manufacturer who manufactures your car. No matter which company built your car If you buy the car’s parts from the same manufacturer in essence, you’re buying original parts. Third-party manufacturers make aftermarket parts that are compatible with your vehicle, although they’re not original. For you to help decide which alternative to go with, the following video gives a detailed explanation of all the advantages and disadvantages. Aftermarket parts are often lower in cost than OEM and may be an incredible bargain. OEM components are warrantied. In addition, the aftermarket opens to an array of items that are not made available by the manufacturer who originally created the product.


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