Researchers Identify New Citrus Solution to Help Exterminate Termites

Researchers Identify New Citrus Solution to Help Exterminate Termites

In an average year, termites cause between $1 and $2 billion in property damage across the United States.

In Georgia, the State Department of Agriculture’s Structural Pest Division, along with the Commissioner of Agriculture Gary W. Black, issued a warning to area residents about the dangers of termites and other pests.

“I would like to encourage property owners affected by the recent storms to check for any potential property damage,” said Black’s statement, “especially subterranean termites.”

According to Insurance Business, many homes were affected by Hurricane Matthew. Even the case of homes that suffered minimal structural damage, just the smallest amount of flooding could result in a swarm of termites.

The Department of Agriculture recommends that residents review their termite control contract and make sure they’re getting the best possible service.

In Hawaii Magazine, researchers might have found a more practical home remedy to these unwanted pests.

Kama’aina Termite and Pest Control is using extracted Orange Oil to target termites and eradicate them from residents’ homes. The Orange Oil consists of D-limonene, which is its primary ingredient.

“Think of fumigation like an atom bomb. It’s non-specific,” said Mike Worden, Kama’aina Termite’s general manager. “Killing everything, and taking upwards of four to five weeks for completion. With Orange Oil, its targeted to where the infestation is occurring. With Orange Oil you don’t have to move out… it’s non-toxic so you can actually be in the home while using it. It’s eco-friendly and really the only thing left behind is a scent of oranges for a few days.”

The first step in ridding homes of termites with this citrusy remedy is to identify the infected area. After using a Termatrac device, which acts like a radar gun for termites, the oil is injected inside the wooden boards and the pest extermination begins.

“Orange Oil kills them quickly because the oil is highly acidic, eating through the outer layer of their skin,” Wood added.

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