Productive Board Meetings

Productive Board Meetings

Effective board meetings require a deliberate approach to managing meetings to ensure that you get the most of the time you have allotted to your gathering. This means staying on course making sure you avoid rabbit trails and other unnecessary detours, and reiterating agenda goals when necessary. It is also crucial that you have a timer in place to keep the agenda in motion, and a person who takes detailed notes so that everyone can review them later.

Distribute the agenda and other important materials in advance so that attendees can prepare. This will ensure that meetings running on schedule and allow your discussions to begin once everyone is up to with the current topics.

Reduce the amount of time spent on reports and routine items which can slow down conversations and make attendees disengaged and bored. Make sure to focus on important topics and strategic issues that aid in the progress of the company.

Find patterns in your routine reports and turn them into tasks that the board can tackle during the meeting. This is an excellent way to encourage your board members to tackle a problem, rather than just responding to a report.

Give your board members an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas during the meeting. This can help them to feel heard and appreciated as well as lead to new ideas being discussed that would otherwise not been considered.

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