Planning an Online Board Meeting

Planning an Online Board Meeting

When organizing an online board meeting organizers should be aware of the latest technological requirements. This can be done by testing new tools prior to the meeting in members of the group. Many board members use this method to avoid audio-visual issues that may occur during an event. It is also not unusual for certain members to be assigned a person to resolve any issues.

Organisers must ensure that all participants are able to access the meeting regardless of location or device. Distributing additional materials, like an editable agenda for meetings and board management software prior to the start of the meeting, can assist in achieving this. It is important to allow participants from outside the room to participate in the meeting by allowing them to chat or leave voice notes. It is important to follow the proper manners of a board meeting, and not interrupt other participants when they are speaking.

It is important that the discussion remains on the topic and that the board remains focused on its goals. One way to make sure this happens is to limit the length of each discussion item. Another method is to determine the goal of each discussion item – whether it be to reach a consensus or generate ideas or provide an update. The final method to manage the discussion is by creating an agenda prior to the meeting and indicating the expected length of each item.

Lastly, it is essential to record the outcome of each discussion. Also, it is important to include the names of everyone who participated. The minutes must be reviewed and proofread prior to distribution.

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