New French Press Device Gives You Coffee on the Go

New French Press Device Gives You Coffee on the Go

French press coffee is incredibly popular, especially among Millennials. So it makes perfect sense that there should be a cup that caters to their love for French press coffee while also catering to their on-the-go lifestyles. Enter the Espro.

For most people, getting up early for work or school is a chore, and most will not wake up with enough time to make their coffee before they leave the house. So where does that leave them? With a $5 cup of coffee every single day?

This issue is one of the things that helps in the marketability of the Espro. This travel press allows you to make your coffee on the go. It not only brews coffee right there, but it also comes with a travel mug so java fans can drink from it.

French presses use a piston in order to provide high pressure to a sample volume of between 40 and 250 mL. It then forces particles through a small hole. Reports from Business Insider rate the Espro as, “functional, though at some points frustrating.”

In terms of function, the Espro’s makers state that it provides great French press flavor and is just as functional as a regular French press. All coffee drinkers have to do is place the grounds in the Espro, pour hot water over them, and wait about four minutes; when that’s done, they just stir and press.

A Business Insider writer who tried out the press reported that the main concern had been filtering out the grounds; home presses allegedly have fewer grounds that seep into the coffee. However, the reviewer pointed out that the mug had great sealing, keeping the coffee hot and not allowing it to spill.

While this travel press is great for its convenience, don’t count on a huge cup — the press only makes about 12 ounces at a time. It is also difficult to make any changes to the coffee, like adding any cream or sugar, thanks to the design and style.

So in the end, this is great for those who need a small cup of black coffee to kick start the day. Otherwise, die-hard caffeine addicts may simply want to wake up that extra five minutes earlier and make their French press coffee the traditional way.

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