Mexican Resin Distributor to Open Facility in United States in 2016

Mexican Resin Distributor to Open Facility in United States in 2016

One of the biggest companies in their industry in Mexico is coming to the United States. Polímero y Materias Primas Internacionales SA de CV (Polymat), an independent polymer resins distributor, will open a facility in the U.S. sometime in 2016, according to

“We’re growing and will open a company in Houston in the second quarter of this year,” said Managing Director Ángel Ramón Oria Varela. “I cannot give you the name of the company,” he said, adding, “We will invest enough money to be a global competitor in the distribution and trade of plastic resins. We’ve been working on this for the past two years.”

Resin is a non-specific name for sticky, oozing substances that come from certain trees and plants. In the plastics industry, it is used in many forms, like the four-stage process of rotational molding.

Rotational molding is an extremely specialized and unique method of production that involves heating plastic resin in a closed mold. There is no pressure involved, unlike most other plastic molding processes. The specific stages of the four-step process include: loading the resin in the mold, heating and fusing the resin, cooling, and finally unloading the part from the mold.

Polymat was founded by Oria in 1988 and has been one of the leading names in the Mexican industry since then, according to Oria. They even recently closed a $4.5 billion joint venture between Brazil’s Braskem SA and Mexico’s Grupo Idesa SA de CV. That deal is expected to take off soon.

“We’re very proud” to have been appointed, Oria said. “We’ve looked for opportunities in the past but now we are planning to go by ourselves. If someone wants to join [us], we would be prepared to listen.”

As many businesses and retailers continue to move towards plastics due to convenience, cost, and efficiency, the industry looks staged for more development and expansion like the move by Polymat.

The report indicates the new facility will be located in Houston.

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