McAfee Antivirus Review

McAfee Antivirus Review

McAfee has been in the antivirus industry for a long time. The company was founded in the year 1988. is also well-known for its firewall and antispam, as well as file encryption and public key infrastructure product lines. It is most well-known, however, for its anti-virus products and is a major player in the market. Security suites that it offers provide complete protection against malware and viruses, and are backed up with a $1,000,000 guarantee against identity theft.

All McAfee plans include a full equipped malware scanner that can block the entry of malware into a system and kill or remove any viruses that are already inside. The real-time engine blocks malware files from being downloaded and reroutes, encrypts and reroutes information so that your online activity isn’t intercepted.

McAfee consistently scored highly in our tests in both the AV Test 0-day test as well as our malware protection test. It also passed our privacy tests, scoring 100% in each of those categories.

The interface of the suite is clear and simple to navigate. Accessing features like parental controls and identity theft protections can be somewhat of a challenge, though. The dashboard is divided into separate menus. Support is also quite difficult. There is a McAfee community forum is active, but you’ll have to pay for Techmaster Concierge to get help for more complex issues.

McAfee’s system scan could not eliminate some junk files from our test systems. It also fails to provide an option to drag and drop a directory or file into the suite to scan, as many competitors do. This is a major no-no in a security suite of this price.

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