Lunch Breaks and New Technology: What Motivates Employees?

Lunch Breaks and New Technology: What Motivates Employees?

Employee satisfaction is something that is discussed and researched a lot. This is something that is important for all businesses to understand — especially with a Columbia University study showing that in companies with poor company cultures, the employee turnover rate is 48.4%. Employee satisfaction is important in keeping employees motivated and determined to do their best at work. And according to a new study, lunch breaks may play a big role in keeping employees productive and happy.

Unfortunately, many employees today don’t actually take their lunch break but rather continue working while eating. But without adequate breaks, employees can experience burnout quicker. A survey done by Tork shows that not only do employees not take their much-needed lunch breaks, but they feel as though they can’t. In fact, almost 20% of American employees agree that they worry their bosses won’t think of them as hardworking if they choose to take regular lunch breaks. Furthermore, 13% of American employees worry that their co-workers will judge them for taking a lunch break. And sadly, 22% of American employers say that they think of employees who take regular lunch breaks as less hardworking.

On the flip side, the survey shows that 90% of employees feel refreshed and ready to continue working after taking a lunch break. And they’re not wrong to feel this way — past studies have shown lunch breaks to be associated with increased productivity, mental health, creativity, and overall health. All in all, regular lunch breaks are associated with a higher job satisfaction and desire to be involved in the company.

And lunch breaks aren’t the only thing that help boost employee satisfaction. Employee benefits are another area where employees feel supported by their employers. Many employees need health benefits, like dental to help pay for procedures like wisdom teeth removal, which five million Americans have done every year.

But something that really motivates employees in the workplace? Technology. That’s right — a recent global study from Aruba, networking technology provider, shows that employees who work in digital workplaces are more productive, motivated, and happier with their job.

Of the 7,000 participants, 51% were more likely to have a higher job satisfaction when working in a workplace full of technology. Furthermore, 43% of the participants were more likely to have a positive attitude about their work-life balance than those who don’t have as much access to newer technologies.

It’s obvious that there are a lot of varying factors that can impact how motivated a person is at their job and their level of job satisfaction. But if employers are looking for a way to improve company morale, encouraging lunch breaks and providing new technology are good places to start.

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