Lawn Equipment Theft Sweeps South Jersey

Lawn Equipment Theft Sweeps South Jersey

Most Americans believe that having a yard and keeping it well kept are important, but for many New Jersey residents, their lawn maintenance efforts have been put on hold. A string of lawn equipment thefts have taken place in Cumberland County this year.

Over 300 cases of lawn equipment theft has been reported in the city of Vineland, alone, resulting in serious losses.

Victim Diane Velez experiences a loss of over $3,000 in equipment. A compressor, power-washer, and leaf blower were stolen from her locked garage at her home outside of Vineland. During the night, the burglar managed to force entry by breaking the lock.

These thefts are not all recent, according to area police. There has been a recent trend in lawn equipment thefts across the country, but Vineland’s issues have reached epidemic proportions.
Although some arrests have been made, the criminal activity still continues. Police believe that the thieves are trading equipment in exchange for cash. Although large pieces of equipment like tractors and lawnmowers must be transported by vehicle, many of the people who are stealing the equipment are relying on a middle man to pick up the equipment after the access point has been determined.

Thieves have been known to partly remove the equipment and stash it for pickup at a later time, reducing the suspicion caused by large vehicles coming to private properties and taking the equipment.

Police are currently searching for the middlemen of the operation — the thieves themselves — in order to conduct a larger investigation that pinpoints the leader in the landscaping scheme.

All South Jersey residents who witness any suspicious activity or have information regarding the thefts are advised to contact authorities immediately using one of the following methods:

    • Call the Crime Stoppers line at (856) 691-0345
    • Text VPDTIP and your tip to 847411 (Tip411)
    • Contact the dedicated detective line at (856) 691-4111, ext. 4180


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