Hurricane Mathew Leaves A Trail of Floods In Its Wake

Hurricane Mathew Leaves A Trail of Floods In Its Wake

Hurricane Mathew may be out of sight, but it sure isn’t out of mind.

This powerful hurricane killed 45 Americans all over the East Coast, with more than half of the victims being from North Carolina. Although the weather conditions have improved since the storm, state officials are warning of the dangers of flooding.

“Everyone assumes it’s safe. It’s not safe right now,” North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy explained to CNN. He cautions, “If you’re near water, water will kill you.”

McCroy’s warnings are viable, as some communities are yet to see the full impact of the floodwaters. There are rivers and lakes that are expected to reach their highest levels in history, which can cause exponential damage to many across the state.

The Better Business Bureau has even made an official public announcement warning those looking to purchase a new vehicle to be careful. They expect submariners — vehicles that have suffered from water damage — to hit the used car market soon, which when bought can be a complete waste of money.

This is because water damage in a car takes a couple of weeks to appear. By the time a new owner has had their car for a couple of weeks, rust will start to show in their tire wells, mold will start to pop up on the upholstery, and internal wiring may start to act up.

The BBB warns that these cars are most often sold online and at auctions under false pretenses. They recommend asking for a title and a Carfax History report before signing on the dotted line.

Have a flooded car? It is easy to replace the car carpets, as any vehicle owner is able to purchase a car carpet made specifically to fit your vehicle’s make, model and year. This includes vehicles that date back to the 1940s!

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