How to Repair an Underground Pipe – The Buy Me Blog

How to Repair an Underground Pipe – The Buy Me Blog

Roperty is an extremely serious issue to be resolved quickly. If a pipe is broken, it will leak the contents in a way that is uncontrolled, and cost an amount you ought to not have to shell out. However, when an underground pipe fails the pipe could be very difficult to repair. This video will show you how you can repair your underground PVC pipe.

What you do will allow you to fix your underground pipe quickly and efficiently, even if it’s submerged beneath the soil. Once you have identified the fracture and then dig it out again so that you can make space for the task. The hacksaw can be used for cutting the pipe. Cut about a half-inch after the crack. That means that you’ll be removing large chunks of pipe where the crack appears. After that, you’ll fill in the crack with an entirely new piece which isn’t damaged. Be sure to follow the directions and instructions in the video very closely in order to complete everything correctly.


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