How to Not be Afraid of the Dentist – Bright Healthcare

How to Not be Afraid of the Dentist – Bright Healthcare

ist. No matter what you were going to the dentist for an ordinary checkup as well as fillings, periodontics, or fillings. The dentist visit was nerve-wracking and for some the experience remains painful and sometimes frightening encounter. In this video, Sharonne talks about how to get over your fear of visiting the dentist.

Sharonne discusses how trauma victims are also prone to anxiety while visiting the dentist as a result of being in an uncontrollable circumstance. This anxiety can lead to inadequate dental care and people not cleaning their teeth or flossing regularly. Sharonne talks about how dentists should listen to their patients and take into consideration the individual needs of patients. Particularly for anxious patients. This requires a certain level of community but only one extra step. This can make all the difference. Patients must also be comfortable talking up and giving their opinion. The patient should be aware of any fears they feel. Many dental professionals care and will try their best to make accommodations.


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