How to Maximize the Value of a Board Meeting

How to Maximize the Value of a Board Meeting

A board meeting provides the chance to discuss significant corporate issues with a variety of experts. They offer different perspectives, which is crucial in deciding on the most effective strategies and defining the ways in the teams implement the goals.

However, the efficiency of a board session is contingent on the way that leadership directs discussions and keeps them on track. Whatever how stimulating or detailed the agenda, if discussions go off-topic and go on for too long, meetings are not effective. It is also difficult for participants to plan and participate if important documents were not prepared prior to the meeting.

To maximize the benefit of board meetings, begin with a 10 minute recap at the beginning of each meeting. This will reiterate key points from the previous calls prior to meeting and the board’s package. This will help clear the board members their minds and keep them focused.

The constant stream of new topics for discussion can take up valuable meeting time, and divert board members from the most urgent agenda items. To combat this, include the “parking lot” item on the agenda for discussions on random topics that may warrant an additional review, but are not top priority.

After the agenda has been set, it is important to hear the reports of the executive director, as well as any standing or committees. It’s also beneficial to allow someone to read financial reports, but only if they require more discussion. The chair will then allow the floor for voting on each item once the discussion has ended. Before a vote is called, a motion should be “seconded”.

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