How to Enable and Disable Avast Game Mode

How to Enable and Disable Avast Game Mode

Avast game mode is an option which optimizes your computer’s configurations to be used while playing games. It mutes notifications and pauses update to let you focus on the game. It also adjusts your PC settings to make gaming take priority over other programs that could drain your CPU or cause slow performance.

You will require lots of resources to play games, including RAM MEMORY, CPU, and GPU. Other applications and recording processes can take these methods away from your game, causing it to slow down or even crash. Avast game mode allows you to concentrate solely on video games by temporarily turning off background processes and notifying you of any interruptions.

It also minimizes the impact of antivirus updates and scans on your gaming performance by intelligently notifying you when you are playing a game and suspending them to stop interruptions. This can be a big benefit for gamers who don’t want to have to pause their gaming to perform regular maintenance or risk becoming infected with viruses while trying to play.

To enable avast game mode, simply launch the antivirus program, and then click the menu button in the upper right corner of the Windows taskbar. You can then select “Settings” and turn the switch next to Enable Game Mode to on. A special icon will be displayed in the system tray if Game Mode is enabled.

You can also access an individual page in the Avast software to add specific games to the list and then have them automatically switch into Game Mode whenever you play them. You may want to disable avast game mode at some point due to one of a variety of reasons. You can do this easily using the Avast GUI, and we’ll demonstrate how in this article.

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