How to Create an Effective Meeting Agenda

How to Create an Effective Meeting Agenda

We’ve all been in meetings that cost time and money. No matter if it’s the wrong person present or insignificant discussions the time you spend in meetings isn’t cheap. A well-organized agenda for meetings ensures that you accomplish the goal of your meeting and get closer toward company goals.

A clear and concise agenda makes everyone aware of what will take place during the meeting and helps prepare participants for the meeting. The best way to design an effective agenda for a meeting is to include these essential elements:

Identify the purpose of the meeting, and then list the expected outcomes of the meeting. This will help you stay focused on the most important issues and will help you avoid unproductive side-bars.

Discuss the topic for each item. This should include a brief description of the topic as well as who is responsible for covering the subject. It will also indicate the time allotted to the discussion. It is also important to include the location and the time zone of the meeting, particularly for teams that are remote.

It is a good idea to list every item on the agenda as a question that needs to be answered by the group. (Example: “What steps should we take to rent equipment ?”). Making each discussion point an open-ended question can encourage discussions and help improve understanding of what is expected of the meeting.

Include a process for how you expect each agenda item to be dealt with. This is a key element of a meeting that is often overlooked but can be a major factor in the effectiveness of the meeting. Without a clearly defined process, each participant will decide for themselves how to approach the topic which may lead to off-topic discussions or even a complete meeting that is a disaster. A process can allow participants to modify their remarks to fit the time limit or suggest that more time be set aside for a specific topic.

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