How to Choose the Right Board Member

How to Choose the Right Board Member

The most suitable candidates for your board of directors are those who are passionate about the mission of the organization and are willing to put in the time. Don’t choose someone because they’re a relative or friend. The selection process should be thorough. You should investigate their background, ask for references and do a review of conflicts of interest to ensure that you’re choosing the right people to help your business develop and succeed.

Board members should have experience in the industry, and be able to apply their expertise to assist the board in making informed decisions. They should also be forward-thinking and able of challenging the status of the art. Boards must be balanced – you do not want a board that is too heavy on visionaries and doesn’t have enough execution personnel.

The ideal board member will have prior experience on other boards, however that’s not always possible. If they don’t have any board experience, it’s important to consider the number of other boards they are on and what their duties are. A lot of boards can cause burning out and a lack of focus.

Certain leaders make the mistake of surrounded by “yes-people”. They only choose those who agree with their decisions and do not ever. This is a risk to the capital of investors, the employees’ futures and the future of their businesses. To increase the chances of success for your business it is important to stimulate lively discussions and offer new perspectives.

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