How Much Money is Blowing Out Your Windows?

How Much Money is Blowing Out Your Windows?

Construction Worker Installing New Windows In HouseWith the current focus on climate change and environmental conservation, people are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce their energy consumption.

Now, according to The Daily Orange, Syracuse University physics professor Eric Schiff is currently working with the Department of Energy to innovate new technologies that will improve single pane windows.

When rating windows, the top three most wanted types and materials are all now explicitly related to saving energy. More than two-thirds of buyers are interested in Energy Star-rated windows, triple pane insulating glass, and low-e insulating glass.

Schiff’s Single-Pane Highly Insulating Efficient Lucid Designs (SHIELD) program will sift through numerous possible applications, choosing a finite number to finance further study.

“There will be a dozen winners and each of those will be given a project that will be run for two to three years,” said Schiff.

He estimates that by improving the 15 billion square feet of single pane windows currently in use, average heating bills could decrease by 10 to 20%.

Schiff may even be able to partner up with another program aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes called Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO).

The Fresno Bee reports that this HERO Property Assessed Clean Energy program was recently launched by Firebaugh, Fowler, and Huron to aid residents in Fresno, CA, in paying for environmentally friendly home renovations.

HERO will cover 100% of all upfront purchase and installation costs for projects such as drip irrigation systems, artificial turf, drought-tolerant landscaping, and solar panels. The funds will be paid back overtime by the homeowner simply through their property tax, over the span of up to 20 years.

“HERO financing brings renewable energy and energy- and water-efficiency within reach for a broad range of homeowners,” said Blair McNeill, vice president of Community Development for Renovate America, the company that administers the HERO Program.

This program will also cover certain economical products and appliances, including high-efficiency toilets, faucets and shower heads, rainwater catchment systems, and gray water systems.

As of now, the most popular products they’ve covered have been solar power, whole home heating and cooling systems, energy-saving windows and doors, and roofing and insulation.

With a total of ten counties in California adopting the program, HERO has provided $26.7 million in financing for a surplus of 1,4000 renovations.

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