Food Trucks Around the Country Provide Meals to the Homeless for the Holidays

Food Trucks Around the Country Provide Meals to the Homeless for the Holidays

keep calm and gobble on backgroundChristmas is known as a time for giving, and several food trucks around the country decided to spend their holiday giving back to those who need it the most.

According to The Herald Online, Brooke Barber and her fiance, DaRel Daniels, brought their down-home cooking to The Haven men’s shelter in Rock Hill, SC. They wanted to use their culinary talents to make a change in the community on Christmas.

The couple brought their food truck, Street Spice, to the Haven’s Men Shelter where each resident was given three cheeseburger sliders, a choice of curly fries or mac and cheese, a dessert, and a drink.

“It’s fun to have your own mobile kitchen,” Daniels said. “This feels good, that we are in a position to do this.”

Food trucks have become one of the most popular fads in the restaurant industry over the past several years, and annual food truck revenue in the U.S. currently tops $1 billion.

On this day, Barber and Daniels wanted to forget about profit margins and focus on providing Rock Hill residents with the Christmas feast that they deserve.

Street Spice’s appearance at The Haven men’s shelter is a heartwarming example of the giving spirit, and their story was mirrored by many other food truck owners around the country during the holidays.

Local Virginia news affiliate WSET reported that Loralee Walters, who owns and operates the Jacked Rabbit Food Truck in Lynchburg, VA, whipped up delicious vegan meals for homeless people in the community on Christmas Day.

Walters parked her food truck outside of the Salvation Army during lunch hours and fed everyone who approached her, free of charge.

“I dig it. I really do, because I’ve had problems in the past and we kind of wished somebody would’ve been there and helped us. Sometimes people do and sometimes people don’t but the one’s who do it’s kind of like good karma,” said Walters.

The Charlotte Observer also reported on Barbara Wilder, a North Carolina woman who started her own ministry called Perfect Provisions in 2011.

While the ministry typically collects clothes and blankets for the homeless, Perfect Provisions also feeds the less fortunate from time to time. After several successful Thanksgiving feasts, Wilder decided to invest in a food truck and deliver meals all over town during the holidays.

This Christmas, Perfect Provisions brought their food truck to a local parking lot and provided meals to over 90 children and adults in Ravenwood Hills, a run-down neighborhood in West Charlotte.

“They got stockings, presents, toys and a hot meal of honey-glazed ham, mac and cheese, meatballs and gravy, glazed carrots, angel eggs (commonly referred to as deviled eggs), rolls and juice,” Wilder said.

“Seeing the faces of the children, to see their smiles when they get clothes, a toothbrush or a hot meal or a toy, just to bless them is a wonderful feeling,” Wilder added.

It’s safe to say that the giving spirit is alive and well in America, and this year, food trucks were the beacon of hope that many people desperately needed.

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