FirstEnergy Launches New Campaign to ‘Do More, Paper Less’ Encouraging Enrollment in eBill Service

FirstEnergy Launches New Campaign to ‘Do More, Paper Less’ Encouraging Enrollment in eBill Service

Although there are more environmental initiatives aimed at saving the planet these days, there’s always more that can be done. FirstEnergy Corp., an Ohio-based diversified energy company, wants to be a part of that effort and recently announced their latest campaign encouraging people to “Do More, Paper Less” with their online electronic billing services.

According to a press release from the company on, customers will be able to do even more with the eBill service while also freeing themselves of the clutter and environmentally unfriendly nature of paper bills.

“More than one million customers of FirstEnergy utilities already use eBill, and currently enjoy the convenience and security of this free service,” the release states. “In addition to offering greater convenience for customers, eBill is an easy way to go green by reducing resources associated with printing and delivering traditional bills.”

In addition to setting up and making payments, customer will be able to view and print past or current bills, set up text/email alerts for when a new bill arrives, and manage virtually every aspect of their account without ever having to pick up a phone or touch a piece of paper.

Electronic billing is certainly nothing new, but it is interesting that companies are now starting to make dedicated efforts to transitioning people from traditional services to these newer means. The healthcare industry is one field in which great strides have been made in these areas, not only for the environmental reasons but as a practical way of combating rising costs.

When it comes to the medical arena, the average cost of processing a clean claim is about $6.63 when sent manually by paper, compared to just $2.90 electronically, according to the American Medical Association (AMA).

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