Everything You Need To Know About Hypothyroidism – health-SPLASH

Everything You Need To Know About Hypothyroidism – health-SPLASH

Pothyroidism is the name used for the thyroid gland that is not functioning properly. Your thyroid is a tiny gland in your neck and it helps to regulate your metabolism. Hypothyroidism can cause fatigue, weight gain, dry hands and skin.

If you suspect that you have hypothyroidism, your doctor will require tests on your blood and look for the amounts of thyroxine as well as TSH as a hormone released in your brain that stimulates your thyroid. An insufficient amount of thyroxine as well as a high level of TSH can be the reason you get diagnosed.

If you’re diagnosed with an underactive thyroid your doctor will put you on a drug that gives your body synthetic thyroxine so that you can balance your body returning to its normal. This isn’t a quick fix in nature, and it generally will take several weeks for your body to get the advantages it can provide.

If you let your inactive thyroid untreated, you can increase your risk for heart problems because the low level of thyroxine can lead to excessive levels of cholesterol that is bad for you. A swelling issue in the neck is also possible. If you notice swelling around your neck, it might be the sign of an underactive thyroid.


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