Common Garage Door Repairs – Technology Magazine

Common Garage Door Repairs – Technology Magazine

Garage door repair may need to be done every once in a while. Before you start the repairs it’s best to conduct a thorough examination on all issues. We will be discussing the most common problems with garage doors.

One of the first parts of your garage door must be checked is the opener. It is the device located at the top of your garage that controls the door. Be sure that the opener is plugged in, and all wiring is installed.

Also, you should check the sensors. Sensors ensure that your garage door won’t close in the event that there’s something beneath it. They can be tested by putting small pieces of wood beneath the door, and closing the door.

The last item that you should check for is the alignment of your garage door. In some cases, the garage door may fall off the track, and not close or close correctly. You would be able to figure this out through a look at the door. You may need to adjust the angle if it is tilting in one direction.


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