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Starting from the moment they apply from the moment they apply, until when they are alumni, k student data. Student advisors can log into the website SLATE for information about alumni-related activities and donations. Additionally, they have details about personal information, for example, job history the history of employment, any other pertinent information.

Unlike other higher education admissions programs, SLATE offers total customization along with a variety of continually evolving technology capabilities.

The platform lets students and future students to connect with the admissions office and high schools. It also allows them to share files and information for college applications.

SLATE is used by colleges because it consolidates all the applications they employ for admissions and guidance into one package.

It digitalizes numerous processes and paper work, therefore saving colleges as well as students money and precious time. While universities and colleges were always pioneers in technological advancement, traditional methods of keeping track student records demanded multiple software programs.

SLATE as a platform and app, offers various services which previously were individually paid for and weren’t necessarily linked. That’s why numerous colleges opt for SLATE. 227w3axlfg.

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