Antivirus Alternatives to avast

Antivirus Alternatives to avast

If you are looking for a speedy effective, reliable antivirus program on your Windows, macOS, or Android device, there are plenty of great options beyond avast. I’ve tried a variety of antivirus programs and have found a handful of great alternatives that provide better security against malware, additional features, and a simple interface for users. Norton is the best alternative to Avast. It offers excellent malware protection and a good reputation for protecting privacy. It also comes with various security features, including password management and VPN.

Its malware detection engine detected all of the ransomware that I tested as well as numerous other threats like rootkits and cryptojackers. Its web security also did well, catching many of phishing websites that managed to slip past Chrome and Firefox’s default protections. It also comes with a Rescue Disk and a secure browser to use for online banking and shopping. It also has advanced anti-tracking and anti DNS hijacking protection.

Avast’s practices for collecting data have not been able shaken off the controversy. In 2020, Avast’s anonymous and bundle of user information was sold to third party. In an attempt to regain the trust of users, Avast shut down its subsidiary Jumpshot and has committed to stop selling user data.

Avast offers a range of paid and free plans to secure your tablet, computer, and smartphone. Premium plans include a variety of additional features like a VPN and password manager, and data breach monitoring. Each of its products comes with 30 days of money-back guarantee. They are available with the option of billing annually or monthly.

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