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Nine Groups of Scientists Receive State Funding To Commercial Clean Energy Initiatives

clean energy

New York State Andrew Cuomo will fund researchers’ initiatives to develop clean energy alternatives. Nine groups of scientists are competing in the New Energy Xcelerator to bring clean energy technologies to the general public. “Participants in the program receive roughly $55,000 in funding, mentoring and support to develop a clean-tech innovation,” The Rochester Business Journal writes. “Additionally, regional seed fund Excell Partners Inc. has committed to investing $150,000 to one or more teams that emerge from the program, which is managed by High Tech Rochester Inc. and partially funded by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.”

Scientists are developing a wide range of clean energy innovations, from water-based technologies to efficient LED lighting and even mass-produced fuel cells. The SUNY College of Environmental Forestry in Syracuse, NY is, for example, “developing a proprietary process that converts organic waste into high-value biomaterials,” The Rochester Business Journal continues. “David Wetter Consulting and Kelson Solutions,” on the other hand, “are working on a method to mass-produce fuel cells to provide low-cost, efficient electricity,” according to The Democrat and Chronicle. Ultimately, the groups are working to improve any and all energy expenditures — on both residential and commercial levels. Air conditioning, for example, is widely used in U.S. housing — with at least 87% of American households using some kind of air conditioning, according to The Atlantic. Reducing these costs and improving AC energy efficiency would make an incredible difference. 

Officials selected the nine teams from an original pool of 56 applicants. The ongoing event is managed by proof-of-concept center NEXUS-NY, which is, in turn, funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and High Tech Rochester.

Was Family Cheated Out of WCAR Stake?

On The AirWas Family Cheated Out of WCAR Stake?
Rago and Jadranka Mihajlovski a couple of Detroit said that they had invested almost $1 million in sports station WCAR-FM. The couple said to media reporters that initially they had invested $0.5 million under the pretext of 10 percent stake. Later on, they invested another $0.5 million under the deal of 15 percent interest. They opined that the deal had been done with Sima Birach Jr., on behalf of Birach Holdings.

A legal document claims that the father of Birach has not delegated him any right to sell WCAR. It is mentioned in the document that “the father of Birach has leased WCAR-FM to his son under $1 a year and he has only right to sell the commercial time”.

DJB’s 10 Best Web Radio Stations

Radio conceptDJB’s 10 Best Web Radio Stations
Radio and electronic music can never be separated from each other. Today, the modern DJs pay credit to radio DJs by playing some selected collection through their online radio stations.  The following are the DJB’s 10 Best Web Radio Stations:

1. BBC 6
Gilles Peterson who is famous for his musical tastes is now running BBC 6.  His selection of music is really awesome. Unlike others, he broadcasts different genres to provoke his audience.  You can tune it at

2. East Village Radio
This is a New York based radio station.  This radio station does not only cover local broadcasting but also covers different shows like charming Veronica Vasika.  This is supposed to be anti-commercialism radio station.  You can listen live via

3. Intergalactic FM
This is a huge radio station which is being operated by Ferenc E. van der Sluijs. This guy has a big exposure of music industry. You can listen live via

4. NPR radio
This radio station is of American institution. NPR has been in existence since the 1970.  This is one of the biggest American radio stations that manage more than 900 channels.  You would find all genres from this station. Look and choose here

5. PBB Radio Laurent Garnier
PBB radio station is run by Laurent Garnier.  This radio station does not broadcast advertisements between the tracks.  The transmission of this station is supposed to be suitable for those people who love to listen to French techno. Visit this for listening to live music.

6. Red Bull Music Academy Radio
This station is really awesome. It broadcasts different kinds of music to entertain its audience. This is one of those radio stations where big celebrities used to visit. You can listen to this radio live at

7. Red Light Radio
Though this station has been broadcasting since the last three years yet it is supposed to be speedily growing radio station. The shows of this radio station can be downloaded from its website.

8. Rinse FM
Rinse FM is a London based radio station that focuses primarily on young working class of the city. This station mostly broadcasts UK oriented music.  This radio station can be accessible live at

9.  WTBS Radio
WTBS Radio is supposed to be on the best radio stations of New York. This station is run by William Burnett who is the head anchor of WT Records.  William is famous for running his all shows by himself and all his radio shows can be downloaded from his website.

10. Beats in Space 
We know that beats in space is not a radio station yet the broadcasting of Tim Sweeney on WNYU 89.1FM in New York is undeniable. He used to host legendary guests like DJ Harvey, Seth Troxler and Steffi to his show however we have made exception for him.