Donald Trump Fights California Officials Over His American Flag

How much drama does a golf course create? A lot, apparently, even when it has nothing to do with golf. Donald Trump, who is no stranger to creating waves with the American media, is now bring his ferocious attitude onto his California golf course and fighting for his right to display an American flag.

The flag in question flies on a 70-foot pole at the Southland Trump National Golf Course, and according to state officials, Trump has not filed the proper paperwork to receive a permit allowing him to keep the flag up. Additionally, Trump has been accused of not paying a $10,000 fee to fly the flag on such a tall flagpole. Trump’s attorney is arguing that the investment mogul has, in fact, paid the fee, and that the flag has been flying on the pole for many years without complaint.

A proposed plan is that the golf course would lower the flagpole to 26 feet, but it appears that residents around the course would actually be upset by this move — if they care about the tall flagpole at all. As resident Scott Winters has noted to CBS Los Angeles, “There’s a lot of other local issues that are far more important than the height of a flag.” Trump, on the other hand, sees the issue as one of the utmost importance, and he has personally patriotically stated that he “will fight for the American flag.”

Local Councilman Jim Knight claims that the flagpole situation isn’t about being able to display the flag, but about not following city regulations. The proposed lowering of the flag does not technically violate the U.S. Flag Code, which is a federal law stating that no disrespect is to be shown toward the American flag; even if the proposed lowering¬†did¬†violate the Code, there are actually no penalties for violation.

It is likely that Trump and his supporters do not want state officials to succeed because the case could serve as an example that regulations and monetary fees seem to be more important than patriotism and the American right to freedom of expression.