FIXD App on Kickstarter Streamlines Car Maintenance

man using car audio stereo systemForget the mechanic or that auto-savvy friend or relative, and even those confusing lights on your dashboard. Soon, your smartphone may be able to tell you what’s wrong with your car.

Apple has CarPlay. Android has Android Auto. Both of these apps, and several others, have already integrate the smartphone into the driving experience of many car owners on the road. But a new gadget/app combo campaigning on kickstarter may go beyond enhancing the driving experience. It will streamline the entire maintenance process in one easy-to-use app.

The app is called FIXD. It connects your phone to your car via a blue tooth sensor plugged into the OBD-II port under your dashboard and accesses diagnostics information through your car’s computer. This is the same information that sets off warning lights on your dashboard. The sensor then sends the information to an easy-to-read display on your phone.

This may seem redundant, but a recent survey revealed that 77% of cars on the road today are behind on repairs and maintenance. Even experienced car owners may have to go digging for the manual when a light they don’t recognize comes on, especially since these signals aren’t always uniform across brands. Sometimes it’s easier just to ignore dashboard lights until they turn into trouble.

The FIXD app aims to streamline that experience. Potential problems like airbag issues and oil levels will be listed on the app, paired with information explaining the possible consequences of each issue and a quote for how much drivers may need to pay to have them repaired.

FIXD will also keep track of any maintenance you receive. You can use the app to export the records in a neat and timely fashion at any time, which is especially useful if you need to trade or sell your vehicle. The app can even keep tabs on multiple vehicles at the same time.

If the Kickstarter performs well, FIXD is set to release for Android systems in the fall and Apple systems in the spring.