Iowa Chiropractor/Exorcist Loses License

Male Osteopath Treating Female Patient With Hip Problem
Each year, some 22 million Americans go see their local chiropractors. These physicians can help patients deal with chronic pain, auto accident injuries, muscle strains… and possession?

The Iowa Board of Chiropractic released documents last month revealing that Charles Manuel, a southern Iowa chiropractor, had surrendered his state license after he allegedly “bartered sex for services with some of these patients” and “performed exorcisms as part of his chiropractic treatment of patients.” He also allegedly told patients to stop taking medicines that had been prescribed to them, as well.

Dr. Bryan Nowlin, who once shared the office with Dr. Manuel, but now he practices by himself, told KCCI, “We didn’t notice any of that stuff while he was here.”

Although no reports have stated whether Manuel knew how to perform exorcisms or not, the fact that he used them as part of his chiropractic therapy suggests he didn’t. What’s interesting, though, is that exorcisms do require an extensive amount of training to perform. According to Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, there are only about 30 Catholic priests in the entire country who are qualified to perform the Rite of Exorcism. Father Thomas, pastor of the Sacred Heart Parish in Saratoga, California and the inspiration for the movieĀ The Rite, had to travel to Rome to complete a year-long training course under the tutelage of a master Italian exorcist to become certified. All of this suggests that it’s highly unlikely that Manuel knew how to do exorcisms.

According to the agreement, Manuel cannot apply for reinstatement for at least another 10 years. According to the documents, before he’d be able to resume practicing chiropractic therapy, he would have to prove, “the basis for revocation of his license no longer exists, and that it is in the public interest for the license to be reinstated.”

However, that also means that Manuel may still be able to get his license back someday.