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DDoS Mitigation Essential Component Of Managed Security Services, Study Finds

It’s no secret that information technology is a wide and varied field, encompassing hundreds of different types of jobs dealing with different sectors of the industry. And while the managed security services market is expected to almost double by 2020, from $17.02 billion to $33.68 billion, a second-annual study conducted by Cocero Network Security determined that DDoS mitigation will likely become an essential managed service in the future, according to Infosecurity Magazine.

The study found that 37% of IT services providers thought of DDoS mitigation as more of a priority than other types of managed services. About 56% said that it was equally as imperative.

The findings could be a result of the fact that around 87% of small businesses experienced a security breach in 2012 alone, according to a recent survey, and DDoS mitigation ultimately means faster resolutions to many different types of security issues.

“Given that DDoS attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication, it’s not at all surprising that providers are prioritizing and enhancing DDoS mitigation service offerings, and understand the revenue opportunity that such a service brings to the table,” said Stephanie Weagle, Corero vice president of marketing. “It’s much more cost effective — and less complicated — for a business to secure DDoS protection from their trusted provider.”

Verizon is just one big name that’s attempting to keep up with the IT needs of businesses, recently implementing a new security service based in cloud management. Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) allows businesses to scope out potential security breaches and prevent them before they occur.

When Verizon released its 10th Annual Data Breach Investigations Report in April, it found that 98% of DDoS attacks are targeted toward enterprises. Verizon partner RDS solutions, telecom solution provider based in Clinton, New Jersey, recognizes that security is an absolute priority to businesses of all sizes.

“In addition to providing the connectivity between locations and the internet, our customers rely on us to recommend and assist in understanding and implementing the necessary safeguards,” said Paul Vuoso, RDS’ vice president of technology.

According to Verizon, SDP is currently available to its business customers who are located in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Norway. Vuoso assures that security will remain a priority to both RDS and Verizon.

“Connectivity and access are crucial for today’s enterprises, but it cannot come at the expense of security,” he said.